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Thomson prison US Senate squabble continues

Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:22:21 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Thomson prison US Senate squabble continues
Two members of Congress are continuing to butt heads over the plan to transfer an unused supermax prison from the state of Illinois to the federal government. Late last week, Illinois U. S. Senator Dick Durbin sent a letter to Republican House Appropriations Subcommittee chair Frank Wolf of Virginia, urging him to stop blocking the sale of the Thomson prison by the state to the federal government. Wolf responded, saying he wasn't the only one opposed to the sale, and that other facilities around the nation are further along in development as federal prisons. During a stop in McLean County, the democrat Durbin said Wolf is mis-characterizing the dilemma.

"Not a single prison he mentioned could be a maximum security prison. That's what the federal prison system needs, a maximum security prison. Thomson is almost a turn-key operation. They can move right in there."

Wolf's subcommittee funds the federal bureau of prisons. The Virginia Republican has criticized President Barack Obama's priorities and Attorney General Eric Holder's handling of controversial matters. Durbin says it's time for Wolf to keep from blocking the sale of Thomson to the feds, a sale Durbin says will net 1,100 jobs for Illinois.


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