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Students facing new lean lunches

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 03:54:38 CDT
By: IPR's Rachel Otwell

New federal guidelines for school lunches are in effect as of this summer. IPR's Rachel Otwell reports on what those lunches may look like.

The new rules are meant to prevent schools from serving greasy, fatty, and sodium-laden food. President of the Illinois School Nutrition Association Francesca Canzoneri describes what that's going to mean for students' cafeteria meals.

"Fresh fruits and or vegetables ... milk in low-fat or skim varieties. More whole grain-rich products and whole-grains as far as the breads and even the crusts on the pizzas, zero trans-fats on our meat and meat-alternate products."

The Illinois School Nutrition Association says feeding students healthier fare like pizza with wheat crust will mean schools are going to have to spend more money on food.

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