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Clock ticking on farm bill; Johnson_ Kinzinger favor different approaches

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 03:43:26 CDT
By: WGLT Washington Correspondent Hanna Gutmann

Very little legislation has been passed by Congress this year, but now there's a rush to pass the farm bill and do something for drought stricken farmers before the election. WGLT's Washington correspondent Hanna Gutmann reports on what it takes to get compromise and action.


It takes a looming congressional recess, a severe drought, Congress' failure to have renewed disaster aid for livestock producers last year when it expired and an upcoming election. Tim Johnson says a new 5 year farm bill will fix everything.

"We need to enact a farm bill. We shouldn't be kicking the can yet again. To put that off another year or even another two weeks is irresponsible."

But fiscal conservatives are balking, and Adam Kinzinger says a one year farm bill extension plus retroactive drought aid is a possible compromise.

"We have a number of people that just say they're not going to vote for it regardless. We're hoping that we can come to a bipartisan coalition that can extend it. We'd love to see five years. If a year is the fallback plan, it is what it is."

Aaron Schock also wants the full farm bill, but with crop insurance covering most central Illinois farmers, he'll take what he can get. But the real question is whether Congress can get anything done in one week.

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