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Peoria Zoo home to new tiger cubs

Wed, 25 Jul 2012 07:43:22 CDT
By: AP

Peoria Zoo home to new tiger cubs A tiger at the Peoria Zoo has given birth to four cubs. Zoo officials say they are the first tiger cub births at the Peoria Zoo in more than 30 years. Kyra, a female tiger, had the babies at the end of June. The cubs' father is the male tiger Vaska, who was brought in from the Minnesota Zoo last December to breed with Kyra. There are two female and two male cubs. They weighed between 31/2 and 51/2 pounds on a July 10 checkup.   The mother and cubs will stay inside until the babies are old enough to safely navigate the outdoor exhibit. Zoo officials say that should be in several weeks. (picture courtesy Peoria Zoo)


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