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Quinn urges gun control in wake of theater shooting

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 17:04:40 CDT

In the wake of the movie theater shooting in Colorado, Governor Pat Quinn says there should be a renewed effort to ban assault weapons in Illinois. Quinn urges Illinoisians to reflect on the incident and pray for the victims, but also says he supports a ban on high powered weapons and magazines that can carry a lot of ammunition.

"I think it's important that our state show the way. There's bills that have been introducted on that subject of assault weapons and ammunition magazines and I think we have to renew our efforts there."

Quinn says he thinks the subject should come before the legislature this yeear. He also repeats his oppositoin to allowing people to carry concealed firearms. Illinois is the only state without some form of concealed carry. Gun rights advocates argue people would be safer if they could carry firearms for personal protection.


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