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Wheaton College sues feds over mandated contraceptive services

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:02:25 CDT
By: IPR's Lauren Chooljian

Wheaton College is suing the Department of Health and Human Services over health care regulations. It joins a group of universities that say the preventive services mandate forces them to violate their religious beliefs. IPR's Lauren Chooljian reports.

Since the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, employers will soon have to provide preventive care for their female employees.

"We should not be coerced to provide these services."

That's Wheaton President Phillip Ryken. Wheaton is an evangelical college, and Ryken says the mandate forces them to provide emergency contraception, like the morning after pill, which is against their beliefs. The Obama administration gave religious institutions a one year grace period so that employers like Wheaton won't have to pay any fines. Ryken says that's not good enough.

"It does not address the fundamental issues at all. It only in effect says we'll give you a year to change your religious convictions or get over your religious convictions, and then this will be enforced."

The Department of Health and Human Services declined to comment on the pending litigation.

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