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Union Pacific to explain deadly fourth of July derailment

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 10:08:09 CDT
By: AP

Officials from Union Pacific plan a community meeting next week to explain the circumstances of a rail derailment that caused a bridge to collapse, killing a suburban Chicago couple. Zorine and Burton Lindner of Glenview were in a car beneath the bridge when it collapsed, sending hundreds of tons of coal and rail cars onto the street, and their vehicle. Monday's meeting was requested by officials in Glenview and Northbrook; it will take place at Glenbrook North High School.   Meanwhile, the Lindners' children are suing Union Pacific, alleging negligence in the maintenance of the track and train. The company says it met guidelines for inspecting the track and bridge. Workers have erected temporary tracks upon a berm of crushed rock, and trains resumed running two days after the Fourth of July derailment.

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