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State Treasurer rebrands unclaimed property distribution effort

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 17:13:06 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

State Treasurer rebrands unclaimed property distribution effort Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is barnstorming in McLean County for his department's unclaimed property division. Rutherford spoke to reporters at the Children's Discovery Museum in Uptown Normal saying he's rebranding the venerable Cash-dash program into I-cash.

"We were also able to obtain the domain gov. So before were cash dash dot net which some people might have felt was an outside vendor.
by being a government web site, we felt there was greater equity in that."

The program seeks to reunite lost or misplaced assets with their owners. The Treasurer's office is the repository for that property. Rutherford says the division has also added 780,000 new names to the database. They are from money and goods given over to the state before 1992 and the computer era of record keeping. Rutherford says McLean County residents have about $8.4 million in property held by the state.

"In McLean county alone there are 57,900 people that we have unclaimed property for, 57,900."

Rutherford says citizens should check the I-cash web site to see if they have unclaimed property. The state returned more than $100 million in unclaimed property to people last year.

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