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Chicago proposes "immigration-friendly" ordinance

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 14:51:40 CDT
By: AP

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed what he calls an immigrant-friendly ordinance that beefs up existing practices by adding protections for undocumented immigrants.
It says Chicagoans who are illegal immigrants will only be detained if they're wanted on a warrant by local or federal authorities or if they've been convicted of a serious crime. For decades, city agencies haven't been allowed to ask the immigration status of people who want services; police also haven't been allowed to question victims or witnesses about legal status. The ordinance spells out the rules for authorities and provides police training. An Office of New Americans spokesman says the ordinance closes a loophole. Officials say they'll continue cooperating with federal authorities, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in catching violent criminals who may be undocumented immigrants.

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