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Chambers declines gay marriage ban fight for McLean County government

Mon, 09 Jul 2012 17:15:09 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Even after the presumptive McLean County State's Attorney takes office in December, don't look for the County to get involved in defending the state ban on gay marriage. Tazewell and Effingham County Clerks are seeking to defend the ban in the face of an ACLU challenge. Jason Chambers is the only candidate for Mclean County State's Attorney. He says even though the Illinois Attorney General has declined to defend the law, that that does not mean the county should mix in.

"There's an issue out there that people want to have addressed. But, at the state level they don't have the stomach to take it on. So they're trying to pawn it off on the local level, and I don't think that's the level it needs to be handled at. If it happens, it needs to happen at the state level."

Chambers points out this position is consistent with his views as on two previous issues he faced as a Normal Town Council member, smoking bans in restaurants and bars, and limits on interest rates charged by payday loan businesses. He says some things are just not properly local issues.

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