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Durbin summer intern from Normal

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 15:20:36 CDT
By: WGLT's Washington correspondent Hanna Gutmann

Durbin summer intern from Normal Every summer, thousands of college students head to Washington for prime interships, seeing the wheels of government turn up close. For the past 8 weeks, woman from Normal has been following in the footsteps of Senator Dick Durbin. WGLT's Washington correspondent Hanna Gutmann explains.


45 years ago, Senator Dick Durbin interned for Senator Paul Douglas and caught "Potomac fever". The rest is history. This summer, Laura Smith from Normal is following Senator Durbin's footsteps as an intern, but could someday follow in his footsteps.

"Being this close to see how policy gets made, how legislation really become enacted has put a spark into my own political desires and to learn more about the political processes."

At the end of the summer, Smith will return to Cedarville University in Ohio, for her senior year, studying International Relations and Spanish. But who knows, if she catches "Potomac fever," she may be back after graduation.

"I don't know about "Potomac fever" but I do enjoy this area a lot. This history and the buildings are beautiful. But, I guess time will tell."

Smith says her biggest thrill has been seeing senators like Kerry, Liebermann and Schumer clowning around with Durbin, just being human despite the huge burden on their shoulders.


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