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Country Financial survey shows steady improvement

Mon, 02 Jul 2012 03:41:22 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Country Financial survey shows steady improvement The June Consumer Confidence Index compiled by Bloomington's Country Financial shows a nearly 1-point drop from the April survey. The June survey of 3,000 Americans is still better than June of last year. Country Financial's Keith Brannan says it's been a slow, gradual improvement in attitudes over the past four years, which is fine with him:


"We don't see, like a runaway train, of optimism right? But we see, over a period of months and surveys, sort of a steady gradual increase. And, I actually think that's a really nice healthy way to go about it. Any any, like 'whipsawing' of the economy at this point I would feel uncomfortable with people having too much optimism."     

Brannan says the overall trend shows Americans are headed in the right direction. He says the seasonal early summer dip is usually followed by a corresponding uptick in the fall.   While the survey shows fewer felt able to save money, it also shows a one-point increase in those who say they're able to pay bills when they're due.


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