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Mobster gems auction

Tue, 26 Jun 2012 10:28:42 CDT
By: AP

Jewelry collectors who don't mind if their gems have a rather shady past will soon get the chance to bid on a stash of valuables linked to reputed mobster Frank Calabrese Sr. During a raid two years ago, agents found a hoard of jewelry in a secret compartment behind a family portrait in Calabrese's suburban Chicago home. An online auction July 10-24 will sell the items, including more than 250 loose diamonds, earrings and other jewelry. Calabrese was one of several reputed mobsters convicted in 2009 in a racketeering conspiracy that included 18 decades-old murders. He was blamed for 13, sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay more than $24 million. The auction proceeds will go toward that restitution.

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