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Uptown Station nears opening of new City Hall offices

Thu, 21 Jun 2012 17:04:31 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Uptown Station nears opening of new City Hall offices (Uptown Station terazzo floor as yet unpolished)

Uptown station is bustling with workers hurriedly hauling in equipment from the old Normal City Hall to the second and third floors of the new building. More than a thousand boxes of documents are being stacked in offices and conference rooms and workers are still installing new computers and fixtures. Uptown Development Director Wayne Aldrich gives a hesitant yes when asked if a conference room will be available for a public group that has already scheduled it.

"So this is just one of those periods where you are scrambling to get everything done, but it will get (reporter: So once again the meeting room will be ready when?) Monday" (laughs)

Aldrich says the building will be LEED certified to a silver and perhaps even gold standard of energy efficiency. Facilities Manager Mark Lynch says the energy efficient building has temperature controls for each room.

"The building will be at a specific set point and then we will have a reasonable amount of control for each work station. The long and short of it, probably about a five to seven degree range" Lynch says there is lots of outdoor lighting allowed into the building and automatic lights that go off when rooms are unoccupied. The landscaping and shrubbery outside will be watered from a cistern that collects roof runoff when it rains. Fourth Floor Council Chambers won't be ready until the second council meeting late next month. The dedication of the building will be July 14th. Wayne Aldrich says the structure will have energy efficiency certification that even includes non standard items in the third floor restrooms.

"Actually has showers in the restrooms, both restrooms. this is the only floor we have that. but this is a LEED requirement in case you bike or run to work, you have the ability to shower at work."

Town of Normal workers and contractors will be busy all weekend moving City Hall offices across the train tracks to the new Uptown Station building on the traffic circle. The multi-modal transportation center portion of the structure is slated to open before the dedication July 14th


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