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UofI studies on campus climate

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 11:54:04 CDT

UofI studies on campus climate The University of Illinois' first-ever Climate Survey shows that students, faculty and staff generally have a positive perception of overall climate. That's according to Vice-President for Academic Affairs Christophe Pierre. 17-thousand people from throughout the university system completed the 60-question survey last fall. Pierre says the university is just beginning to analyze the resulting data:


"I think the first goal of the survey was to provide a benchmark for climate at the university. But certainly, another goal is to identify the areas where we are doing will in terms of climate, and the areas, frankly, where we need to improve."

    Among the difference showing up initially; African-American faculty at the Urbana and Chicago campuses tended to give lower marks for university climate than their white and Asian colleagues. And among students, the lowest climate rankings came from undocumented immigrants, with US citizens on the other end of the spectrum.


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