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IL higher ed phasing in "performance-based" funding

Thu, 07 Jun 2012 15:07:45 CDT
By: IPR's Rachel Otwell

The Illinois State Board of Higher Education says its developed a smarter way to allocate state funds to colleges and universities. IPR's Rachel Otwell has more.

Illinois is now one of the states using "performance-based" higher ed funding. It dictates how to allocate money to state schools based on a set of metrics, like how many students actually graduate versus how many are enrolled, and the ethnic diversity of students. Director George Reid who heads the state's Board of Higher Education says it's a promising development. He says the decision to make the switch was collaborative.

The plan is being phased in, though so far it hardly affects schools. Less than one percent of college funding was reallocated based on their performance. But the agency says the switch has gotten the attention of universities. All public universities are facing about a 6% cut in funding from the state for the coming fiscal year.

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