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Historic Trotter Fountain to get some TLC

Thu, 07 Jun 2012 14:30:00 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Historic Trotter Fountain to get some TLC A group of citizens championing preservation of a neglected marble fountain in downtown Bloomington says it is very happy with city willingness to delve into the issue. Georgie Borchardt of the Trotter Fountain Project says the city now has plans to clean the Larado Taft sculpture and apply an annual sealer. Borchardt says one method to clean the fountain that is dedicated to past prominent citizens is to use mud packs.


"And it absorbs the stains. It literally sucks up the stains. You put this on. You let it dry and take brushes and carefully remove it. They found that kitty litter works. It's easier to handle than mud. "

Borchardt says they want to stabilize, not repair the fountain.


"But if we can just kind of freeze it in time right where it is today and prevent further damage, that kind of adds to the historical value, I guess."

The Trotter Fountain is dedicated to a former Mayor and his sister who was the first woman Bloomington School Superintendent. Borchardt says they have future goals as well.


"We would like to get a plaque so that when people come by, it would explain what the fountain is and how it got there. And the second thing is we would like to get is night time lighting."

She says they may have to do fundraising to meet those goals for the fountain at Main and Washington.



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