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State Senate approves skin tax

Fri, 25 May 2012 14:13:40 CDT

     Lawmakers in Springfield are pushing a new tax on strip-clubs. Proceeds would go to rape crisis centers. It's been called a "skin tax." Customers would pay an extra three dollars at the door, or strip-clubs could pay a flat fee instead of collecting from patrons. The measure's sponsor, Toi Hutchinson, is a Democratic senator from Olympia Fields. Hutchinson says the money raised would go to 32 centers, 29 of which are downstate.

"I don't know whether we can get to a point in our society where we can just make it go away and we can understand that violence against women at any point in time, is something that's an issue for all of us, it's not just a women's issue."
The measure was widely mocked when first introduced. But Hutchinson negotiated a compromise and it passed the Senate 53 to zero.

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