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League of Women Voters disappointed in high court ruling

Tue, 22 May 2012 09:34:48 CDT

The president of the Illinois League of Women Voters says she's disappointed the US Supreme Court rejected her group's challenge to the borders of Illinois' new legislative districts. Jan Dorner says the League had a novel legal argument, that districts drawn to overwhelmingly favor one party deprive people of their free-speech rights:


"It's our right, my right as a citizen, to hear both a Republican and a Democratic point of view when candidates are campaigning in my area."

Although the primary elections ended two months ago, the issue of 2010's legislative map isn't quite settled yet. Illinois Republicans have two cases pending, one before the US Supreme Court and one at the Illinois Supreme Court. The Illinois case was filed just a month before the primary, a move Democrats criticize as coming too late. There's no timeline for when the courts could rule on the remaining cases.

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