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Gill says he's ready for Davis in 13th cong. race

Mon, 21 May 2012 04:26:37 CDT

Gill says he's ready for Davis in 13th cong. race 4-time Democratic Congressional candidate David Gill says he was planning to stick with the same message regardless of who was named as his fall opponent. But the Bloomington physician says he isn't surprised 14 GOP county chairs chose Rodney Davis over the weekend, saying that Congressman John Shimkus influenced the re-drawing of Congressional districts last year:


"Mr. Shimkus appeared to have some sway with these matters. And so I thought his staff member might have a really good chance at being anointed by the county chairman there."

Labeling Davis a Washington insider, Gill has challenged his opponent to turn down corporate campaign cash as he starts his campaign. Gill says he and Davis also fundamentally disagree on a number of issues, including tax breaks for the wealthy. He says Congress needs to put peopleís interests ahead of those of Wall Street banks, oil companies, and health insurance companies.


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