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Some campaign contribution limits may go away

Thu, 17 May 2012 14:54:31 CDT

Illinois' first ever campaign contribution limits haven't yet been in effect six months. Already, legislators are considering lifting some of the restrictions. Super PACS are campaign groups that can raise unlimited amounts of money, as long as they don't coordinate with an individual candidate. Illinois Democrats are pushing a measure they say would protect politicians targeted by such groups. Under the Democrats' proposal, if enough Super-PAC money is spent against a candidate, limits on individual contributions to that candidate would be removed. David Morrison is with the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. He says the proposal should do more to make sure the Super PACs are not secretly working with candidates.


Limits on campaign donations are new to Illinois. Morrison and other critics say the proposal at issue would weaken those hard-won reforms. A House committee approved the proposal on a party-line vote, with all Republicans voting "no."

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