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Care providers swarm capitol

Wed, 16 May 2012 05:46:53 CDT

Care providers swarm capitol Child care providers, home health care workers and others opposed to human service funding cuts gathered in Springfield to protest Tuesday. Over one thousand people swarmed the capitol. Faith Arnold was one of them. She's a childcare provider and says 95 percent of the families she serves rely on state subsidies. She says uncertainty over state money is having an impact on those who run child care operations:


"I'm in the process of filing bankruptcy, and that echoes a lot of family childcare providers. So when you look at the budget from last year, we're trying to bounce back from that, and then face it again with, 'Guess what you guys may not get paid?' We're just hoping that we can keep our homes."

Workers who gathered in Springfield say to save the state money, the legislature should adopt a progressive income tax, where the wealthy are taxed at a higher rate than the poor. Illinois now has a flat income tax.The legislature has yet to pass a budget for the coming fiscal year.


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