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Legislation advances to enable prosecution of HIV spreaders

Mon, 14 May 2012 17:20:12 CDT
By: IPR's Rachel Otwell

A measure that would make it easier for prosecutors to obtain information about a defendant's H-I-V status is making its way through the Illinois legislature. The proposal was inspired by a Whiteside County case. A man was charged with having sex without alerting his partners of his H-I-V-positive status. Because the courts were unable to access the man's medical documents, there was no way to prove he knew he had the virus and was intentionally spreading it. The man was sentenced on only one count. Representative Jim Sacia, a Republican from Pecatonica, says the man got off too easy. Sacia says in these cases, it would be easier to hold those who knowingly spread the virus accountable if courts were allowed to access the results of someone's H-I-V tests.


The measure passed the Senate and is awaiting consideration in the House.

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