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Senator Lugar faces challenge from right in Indiana

Mon, 07 May 2012 04:37:48 CDT
By: IPR's Sam Hudzik

     Indiana U-S Senator Richard Lugar faces a tough test as Indiana voters go to the polls tomorrow. Lugar is up against state treasurer Richard Moudock. (MUR-dock)
     IPR's Sam Hudzik reports the race has been a target of outside money:


More than 4 million in outside money, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The center says that's the most out of any race in 2012...besides the presidency. The conservative group Club for Growth has gone on a Hoosier spending spree...attacking Lugar.

CLUB: What's happened to Dick Lugar? He was a respected national leader, a statesman. Then he became part of the problem.

Lugar's also been HELPED by outside money. Here's an ad from a group called Hoosiers for Economic Growth and Jobs.

HOOSIERS: Who put the for sale sign up on Indiana? Indiana's not for sale. Richard Mourdock thinks so. Some DC special interest group, Club for Growth, is trying to buy our Senate seat.

Another group supporting Lugar called American Action Network...spent more than 600-grand in the race.

But in a sign of Lugar's slip in the polls...the group recently halted its ads.

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