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Former Clinton advisor talks about Israel during Peoria visit

Mon, 07 May 2012 04:28:24 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Former Clinton advisor talks about Israel during Peoria visit Israelis and Palestinians are both weary of conflict, according to man who lived in Israel for four years, and served as special advisor to President Clinton. Jay Footlik will be in Peoria Monday, he says the people of the region crave peace:


"The people themselves are tired of the many many and years of conflict. I think the average Israeli and the average Palestinian would like to go about building better lives for their families, for their children, for future generations. I think it's the politicians that are not being sufficiently responsive to the needs of their own people"

Footlik says the new calls for a One State solution to the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate might well be nothing more that political posturing. He says both sides are adept at maneuvering for political advantage. Jay Footlik will be sharing his experiences Monday night at 7:30 in an appearance at Bradley University's Marty Theater sponsored by the Jewish Federation.


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