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Durbin, Kirk encourage protection of Mahomet Aquifer

Thu, 03 May 2012 16:42:02 CDT

Durbin, Kirk encourage protection of Mahomet Aquifer Illinois's U-S Senators have weighed in on the proposal to dispose toxic substances into the Clinton Landfill. Dick Durbin was in Clinton today to discuss a letter he and Senator Mark Kirk have sent to the U-S Environmental Protection Agency, stating the landfill is not the only option for storing PCB's. Durbin says dumping directly above the Mahomet Aquifer is a dangerous thing to do, and hopes environmental officials reach the same conclusion.


"We know what one leak into this aquifer might mean, the danger that it could present to those who depend on this aquifer in some 15 counties if I'm not mistaken and we want to avoid that at all cost."

Durbin says there are other facilities in the Midwest that are ready for PCB disposal and not near a water supply, but he didn't give specifics. The Senator also endorsed the concept of making the Mahomet Aquifer a "Sole Source Aquifer"--an idea being backed by local governments as well as the Aquifer's Consortium. The mayors of Champaign, Urbana and Normal were on hand for the announcement.


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