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Egypt observer sounds notes of hope and caution

Wed, 02 May 2012 16:46:54 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

A former president of the Air Transport Employees union in the U-S says he believes organized labor will help Egypt create a competitive political system. Carl Finnamore is speaking at the Normal Public Library Wednesday evening about his experiences in Egypt over the last year since the Tahrir square uprising. Finnamore says those who had no right to organize before are way behind the Army and Muslim Brotherhood alliance, but they are getting better.


Finnamore says some protest fatigue has set in during the last year and the army and the Muslim brotherhood benefit from that. On the plus side he says there is a broad cross section of all sectors of society including within the brotherhood and the army that still want reform and to avoid a return to the previous corruption. He says unions may come to play a key role in the evolving political system in Egypt.


Finnamore says those demands include tax the rich, more subsidies for natural gas, and additional increases in the minimum wage. Elections are set late this month in Egypt.

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