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COGFA says don't close Dwight prison and other facilities

Tue, 01 May 2012 17:12:07 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

A bipartisan panel has rejected Governor Pat Quinn's plans to close a handful of major state facilities, including a pair of prisons. Even so, the governor is free to continue with the closures. IPR's Amanda Vinicky has more.


Quinn wants to close 14 major state facilities in all. But before he can, the legislature gets a say. Up for discussion this round: Tamms, the state's only supermax prison ...along with a prison in Dwight and a juvenile detention center in Joliet. Also, a center for the developmentally disabled in Centralia ... and a transition centers for prison inmates in Peoria and Chicago. In each case, the committee voted against Quinn.
Mickey Lomeli works at the Joliet juvenile detention center, and says it's different than other Illinois' other institutions for juvenile offenders:

They send their problems to us, so they can't handle the specific type of youth. So we take everybody else's problems, said Lomeli.

Unions, whose members would be laid off, applaud the vote, as do families of residents at developmental centers. But it's only advisory. Quinn has shown no sign of backing down from the closures.

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