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Small works raise big bucks

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 05:31:42 CDT
By: Laura Kennedy

Small works raise big bucks The 5th Annual Postcard Art exhibit and auction at Illinois State University raises funds for student scholarships by selling works of art that are a mere four-by-six inches. Many of the original works have been created by well-known local artists, including Harold Gregor, Herb Eaton and Mark Forth. Barry Blinderman, Director of University Galleries, says requiring the artwork to be small increases the likelihood that artists will donate pieces.


Blinderman says the tiny size of the artworks makes them very appealing to budget-minded art collectors.


Size does matter at this event. Blinderman says the small paintings, drawings and photographs have an intimate quality that invite people to lean in for a closer look.


Over 250 pieces have been donated for the fundraiser, which is Saturday night at the ISU Galleries. The goal is to raise at least 13 thousand dollars for student scholarships.


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