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Reform group uses Central Il Sen race to make case for disclosure changes

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 15:19:24 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

The Illinois Coalition for Political Reform says a LeRoy area physician took advantage of campaign finance rules to delay disclosure of more than $71,000 dollars in contributions during a state senate race in central Illinois. Coalition Assistant Director David Morrrison says Tom Pliura was able to wait to file reports on the money until after the primary election because he made a lot of little contributions to himself, instead of one big one.


Tom Pliura lost to incumbent Chapin Rose in the GOP Primary.


Pliura also says Rose took pac money, which Pliura refused.


Morrison says Pliura had several times the amount of small self loans and sub-threshold donations as the next highest example in the state, a Chicago area judicial candidate.


Morrison says from the filing, it looks like Pliura made the appeal for frequent small donations a standard part of his political communication. Pliura says he did nothing wrong.


Morrison says examples like Pliura show why the law does need changing. Opponents argue it places too high an administrative burden on sometimes part time treasurers who have to file donor disclosures more frequently during the campaign when donations are larger.

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