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Accident relocation bill clears IL House committee

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 15:51:04 CDT

A proposal to allow drivers to leave certain accidents scenes has sped through an Illinois House committee. The measure would allow drivers to move off the highway to an exit ramp, or another safe spot nearby. Representative Sidney Mathias, from the Chicago suburb Buffalo Grove, says getting cars off the road after an accident will make roadways safer, and prevent traffic jams.


"A small fender bender can tie up traffic on a road and people are reluctant to move their cars because they know there's a law if you leave the scene, well what does that mean, leaving the scene? So I'm trying to define it to say that so long as you can go to a safe place nearby, that's not leaving the scene of an accident."

The measure would only pertain to accidents that resulted in property damage, not physical harm. It already received approval from the full Senate.

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