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Wisconsin's Walker draws applause and hisses

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 16:32:24 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

Illinois businesses leaders meeting in the state capital gave a warm reception to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The reception he got from union members was anything but. IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports.


Illinois's Chamber of Commerce invited Walker as the keynote speaker for its "Employer Action Day." Walker brags that last year, while Illinois raised its income tax on individuals and corporations, he spent his first year in office bringing down business costs and making government more efficient.

Even though you've got probably well-intentioned people, the reality is when you had such a dramatic increase in taxes on individuals and on businesses, that brought about even bigger problems the year after. The unemployment rate's above 9%. In our state we went the opposite direction.

It's a message that got wild applause from business owners in the audience. He's hoping to get as much support from Wisconsin voters later this year, when he faces a recall election. That's mainly over laws that rolled back state workers' union rights. Outside, thousands of Illinois union members protested ... saying neither Walker nor his policies are welcome here.

Scott Walker! Go home!

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn also disputed Walker's claims ... saying it's Wisconsin that has lagged the nation in job growth.

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