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IL tea party still around

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 05:37:34 CDT

Income taxes are due. To mark the occasion, members of the Tea Party have been rallying across Illinois. In Springfield, about a hundred people gathered on the Statehouse lawn. Eric Hansen is pastor of a local church. He told the crowd the Tea Party has greater concerns than political issues like lower taxes, gun rights, and even abortion:


"All of those issues I've mentioned demand our attention and are well worth talking about. However I believe the issue that will unify us, and the battle that must be fought is the war over right and wrong, good and evil. This, listen, is the political issue of our generation."

Most speakers focused on their desire to defeat President Barack Obama in this year's elections. But none of the speakers so much as mentioned the president's likely opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

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