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Report: Climate change causing extreme IL weather

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:39:49 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Report: Climate change causing extreme IL weather A new report highlights the effects of global warming on extreme weather in Illinois. The group Environment Illinois is releasing the findings of a study that shows 24 out of 25 Illinois residents live in areas hit by recent weather disasters. Illinois U. S. Senator Dick Durbin says global warming is a real threat. During a conference call organized by Environment Illinois, Durbin says he questioned insurance companies which deal with disasters as part of their business model.


"...and they told me the same thing that I believe. Things are changing, and they're changing for the worse. The weather patterns are becoming more extreme. I would just say to anybody who's skeptical, how do you answer that? Do you think it's just bad luck?"

Durbin says the fastest government solution is not by crafting unpassable climate change legislation, but by focusing on areas where there is bipartisan political agreement such as the need for increased fuel efficiency and diversity of resources. The report comes as the Obama administration is finalizing new carbon pollution standards for cars and light trucks, and as the Environmental Protection Agency announces draft new carbon pollution standards for coal-fired power plants.

Read the Environment Illinois Report.

View an interactive map with county-level data.


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