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IL tightens election rules

Mon, 09 Apr 2012 07:05:08 CDT

Illinois law makes it so politicians who lose primary elections STAY lost come November. So-called "sore loser" laws keep failed primary candidates from running in the general election in another party, as an independent, or even as a write-in candidate.
A new law goes even further: if someone even VOTES in a primary, they're not allowed to run that fall as an independent or a member of another party. The new law also blocks people who file paperwork to run in a primary, but withdraw or get kicked off the ballot. Senator Don Harmon, a Democrat from Oak Park, says election law had to be clarified in order to prevent party flip-flops:


"Moderate Republicans who lose to or are boxed out by a Tea Party candidate, could be very attractive Democratic nominees to fill a vacancy. But you're really courting mischief if you permit that."
A House Republican introduced the measure and it passed with bi-partisan support. But it lingered for nearly a year, until late last month, when it was rushed through the Senate and signed by the governor in a matter of days.

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