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Republicans scramble after incumbent congressman quits

Fri, 06 Apr 2012 06:54:14 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

It might have been handy for two Republican Congressmen to know about Representative Tim Johnson's plans to drop out of the house before they spent a bundle of campaign money running against each other. Bloomington native Adam Kinzinger and veteran Representative Don Manzullo might have been able to avoid their primary slugfest had Johnson dropped out earlier. The redistricting process forced Kinzinger to move into a new district anyway and he chose to run against Manzullo instead of Johnson. In spite of the resources expended, ISU political scientist Bob Bradley says Kinzinger probably isn't too upset, because he won.


Bradley says Manzullo might have more of a beef with Johnson because he lost his seat in an unneccessary intra party battle. Bradley also says Manzullo was on the tail end of his government career anyway. The likely Democratic Party nominee for Congress in the 13th district has run as a party outsider. And David Gill is still expressing reservations about accepting help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ISU Political Scientist Bob Bradley says that's not wise of Gill.


Gill has run an anti-establishment campaign. ISU political scientist Bob Bradley says he feels the anti government sentiment is foolish....


Bradley says candidates need to know the power structure and the power brokers. Bradley says if Gill wants a legitimate shot at the open House seat being vacated by Republican Representative Tim Johnson, Gill will have to take Democratic Party money. The race in the 13th is now an open seat because incumbent Republican Tim Johnson has said he is retiring at the end of his term.

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