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Tuition break for university workers survives

Fri, 30 Mar 2012 09:20:54 CDT

An attempt to take away the tuition discount for children of state university employees has failed. Republican Representative Mike Bost represents Southern Illinois University. He says it would be wrong to take away the discount when families had been counting on it:

"Many of our employees at our universities have made their decision on taking that employment based on the fact that these are a benefit that they feel these were offered to them, and we aren't talking about those who have a large income, we're talking about regular employees."
The proposal was framed as a way to save universities money, but the higher education community fought it, saying it's an important benefit when recruiting professors. It gives half-price tuition at state schools for children of employees with at least seven years of service. Only 26 Representatives voted for the measure 75 voted against.

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