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Peoria's Sam LaHood talks about days in Egypt

Thu, 29 Mar 2012 07:55:19 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Sam LaHood is hinting charges against him and other pro-democracy workers in Egypt are retaliation for the Obama administration's decision to cut the nation's military out of the loop on some US aid. The Egyptian government accused LaHood of fomenting dissent and fostering revolutionary ideas. Initially LaHood and a half dozen other pro-democracy workers were ordered to remain in the north African nation until their trial. After posting $300,000 apiece, however, they were permitted to leave. LaHood told his Peoria World Affairs Council audience the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarack was an electrifying time. He compared it to an entire nation winning the Lottery. The Obama administration decided to spend $65 Million dollars on efforts to foster democracy in Egypt, a move LaHood says he supports, but which was not welcome by the nation's military leaders, who had been in charge of disbursing all foreign aid money.

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