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Cooking students might be able to taste wines under new measure

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 09:18:24 CDT

It's common knowledge those under 21 years old are prohibited from drinking alcohol. Now some Illinois lawmakers are getting behind a measure that would allow certain young adults who haven't yet reached that age a chance to taste wine or other spirits. The catch; they have to spit it out. Emily Knight is the president of Kendall College in Chicago, a culinary and hospitality school. She says the school struggles to put classes dealing with alcohol in the latter part of the curriculum so students can taste it. She says ideally it's something students would learn earlier:


"This bill will train Illinois students for the hospitality and culinary jobs of today and the future, and this bill is modeled after a law in Colorado and will make Illinois competitive with states that have laws or exemptions to allow students 18 or above to taste but not imbibe alcoholic beverages."

Opponents say it would be difficult to judge whether or not students spit out the alcohol. A Senate panel has approved the measure.

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