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13th District Dems keep battling

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:26:03 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

The two Democratic candidates for Congress in the 13th District are still campaigning hard, a week after the election. Several time candidate David Gill has a 143 vote lead. Absentee votes continue to be counted. Now U-S Senator Dick Durbin has raised the specter of voting irregularities that might need to be investigated because of some ballots that were too wide to fit into the counting machine. Durbin is backing Greene County State's Attorney Matt Goetten in the race. In McLean County those ballots were trimmed to fit. In Macoupin County they were counted by hand. Several other counties in the district also encountered the issue. A statement from the campaign of David Gill expresses confidence in the counting process, even though Gill himself questioned how it was being handled in Macoupin County on election night. The Gill campaign says he has since been re-assured. Gill says fewer than fifty absentee ballots have come in since the election, not enough to overturn the result. The Gill campaign says the allegations are unfounded. Goetten, meanwhile, is implying the possibility of a recount and litigation by asking for donations, he says, to supply the resources to make sure every vote is counted.

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