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Synthetic drug distributor busted

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 06:32:01 CDT

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says her office has exposed a major synthetic drug supplier. Investigators found One-hundred-ten thousand dollars' worth last Friday at a tobacco and candy warehouse in Jerseyville and a related site. The office suspects Brockman Wholesale was supplying synthetic drugs to retailers from Benton, in southern Illinois, to Decatur, in central Illinois. Madigan says they found even more packets of the illegal synthetic drugs at the home of an employee who works at Brockman Wholesale as well as at two stores in Litchfield.   The drugs are packaged as potpourri and bath salts, but are meant to mimic the effects of marijuana, meth and cocaine. Attorney General Madigan says the synthetic marijuana can be 500 times the strength of the actual plant:


"You have no idea what kind of chemicals you're actually putting in your body, and not only do you not know what the chemicals are, but you have no idea what the strength of those chemicals is going to be."

Madigan says she wants ALL formulations of the drugs outlawed. Certain chemical combinations in Illinois and other states have been banned, but drug-makers have changed the formulas to continue production. Madigan is advocating for legislation that would redefine synthetic drugs, to encompass these substances even if their exact make-up changes. The proposal also increases penalties. Distributors could be fined 100-thousand dollars.

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