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IL gets 'C' for government transparency

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:05:01 CDT

A new report says state governments are doing a generally poor job at being transparent and accountable. The State Integrity Investigation released today draws on data collected from Statehouse reporters in every capital city. It ranks all 50 states and Illinois received a C. Caitlin Ginley is with the Center for Public Integrity. She's one of three project managers who oversaw the report. She says while Illinois may be known for corruption... its notorious reputation has led to changes in law to make government more transparent:


     "We're not looking at actually instances of corruption or convictions or the perception of a state, that's not taken into account here, it's just purely looking at the laws in place and the structure of each state government."

And Ginley (GIN-lee) says Illinois ranks in the middle. It's one of 19 states with a C grade, but no states got an A and only five got a B. She says one of the common problems across the country is the lack of enforcement of ethics laws. To see more about how Illinois ranks in fourteen different integrity categories, visit state-integrity-DOT-org.

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