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U of I prez faces continued pressure

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 12:41:27 CDT

About 125 faculty have signed a new letter asking that Michael Hogan he be removed at the earliest opportunity, saying Hogan is ethically and reputationally compromised. University spokesman Tom Hardy calls the letter a continuation of earlier themes. And given new comments on U of I enrollment policy, he says the comments of faculty don't add up:

     "It seems to be contradicted somewhat to my way of thinking by professor Chambers comment here today on which he said the enrollment management plan that there's an agreement that's been reached, a compromise, concerns on both sides were heard, and they were ironed out."

     University Senate Conference Chair Don Chambers thanked Hogan and other administrators for addressing concerns in the enrollment plan. A revised version will be sent to Faculty Senates on each U of I campus next week.   Concerns over enrollment management policy resulted in the resignation of Hoganís former chief of staff earlier this year.

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