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Presidential candidate Ron Paul visits Champaign

Thu, 15 Mar 2012 06:10:56 CDT

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says the crowd greeting him at the University of Illinois yesterday is among the largest he's seen in this campaign. The Texas Congressman says speaking before more than 5-thousand young backers gets him enthused, despite poor primary showings in southern states Tuesday.   He spent an hour denouncing the size of government, and what the US spends on military efforts overseas, saying our liberties are at stake as a result. Primary rival Newt Gingrich recently admitted a war in Afghanistan is undoable, but Paul says those comments should have come long ago:


Politics are changing- that’s great. We’re changing people’s mind, the American people are sick and tired of it. But like I mentioned in my speech, I talked for 5 years trying to prevent the war in Iraq. So if they want to come on board now, fine and dandy. That means we’re winning the fight.”

Paul says if elected president he won't go to war without a declaration of war, and vows to repeal the Patriot Act. Be he says good things can happen through public backlash, citing Congress' inability to pass the stop online piracy act, or SOPA. Urbana Republican Congressman Tim Johnson endorsed Paul before his appearance at the U of I last night.

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