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IL treasurer questions GOP primary changes

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 07:58:05 CDT

The chairman of Mitt Romney's campaign in Illinois says he questions whether rule changes in the nominating process for presidential candidates were the best thing for his party. The changes made by the Republican National Committee are meant to allow the presidential nominating process to continue past the early states. Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford says the adjustments were also made to avoid early winner-take-alls. But he questions whether the tactics hurt party unity:


"I'm not sure it was a good decision, in fact , I think it was probably not the best decision because right now, we're starting to beat each other up and eat our own. The debate lines are going to be used by Barack Obama's campaign to go against whoever the eventual nominee is."

Rutherford says for the GOP Presidential Nomination he would hope the process would wrap up sooner rather than later, but says the delegate count is in Mitt Romney's favor. Meanwhile, the mixed results on Super Tuesday could mean that all four GOP candidates hit Illinois before March 20th. Rutherford says Romney will make campaign stops throughout the state.

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