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IL primary will matter

Thu, 08 Mar 2012 06:18:33 CST
By: AP

The Illinois primary election could wind up playing a significant role in the continuing battle for the Republican presidential nomination. It once looked like the race would be over long before the March 20 election in Illinois. But Mitt Romney hasn't sewn it up yet, despite a commanding lead in delegates. The next few contests mostly come in territory likely to favor the more conservative Rick Santorum, places like Mississippi and Alabama. So when the contest reaches Illinois, Romney may need a victory to renew his momentum. And Santorum could be looking to prove he can carry a major industrial state. Romney will be in Peoria Monday March 19th at a fund raiser for Republican Congressman Aaron Schock. And there's the question of whether Newt Gingrich will stay in the race and perhaps split conservative votes with Santorum.

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