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Strip club tax advances

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:12:03 CST

Illinois strip clubs would be taxed five dollars per customer under legislation approved Tuesday by a Senate committee. The proposal would apply only to clubs that serve alcohol. Proceeds would support groups that work to prevent sexual assault. Senator Toi Hutchinson, a Democrat from Olympia Fields, is behind the proposal. She says there's a link between alcohol, strip clubs and crime ... particularly violence against women:


"We are asking for an entertainment industry that profits in this area, to take some responsibility to pay for the services that are needed to mitigate the effects of that industry."

But a representative for strip clubs says that's not true. He says a majority of the state's roughly 50 adult clubs could be forced out of business by the five-dollar tax. And he says that would leave two-thousand dancers, bartenders and other workers out of work.

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