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Public Broadcasters start new learning initiative

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 15:46:40 CST

Illinois schools can now use archival material from PBS programming and member stations in their classroom. A free service has launched for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade educators. 'Illinois PBS Learning Media�includes videos, audio, and interactive images that teachers can sort by grade level, and build their own personal library of classroom resources. 74 teachers from more than 40 schools were part of a pilot program that started last fall. University of Illinois Assistant Dean of Learning Technologies Evangeline Pianfetti commissioned the pilot study. She says the next steps include following up with those teachers, and finding where the lessons are most effective. Pianfetti says some students are using it to train for the Illinois Standard Achievement Test:


Pianfetti says there�s a wealth of information within this program. But, teachers are able to pick and choose at what volume they wish to use it. She says early feedback from teachers should help expand the use of PBS Learning Media�s resources. Subject areas and resources are available online at Illinois-dot-pbslearning media-dot-org.

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