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Living "Simple Life" Key to Transition Movement


Fri, 30 Sep 2011 11:25:11 CDT

By: Willis Kern

    An advocate of the Transition movement says she thinks Bloomington-Normal is ready to adopt a lifestyle popular two or three generations ago. Ruah Swennerfelt of Charlotte, Vermont comes to the twin cities next week to introduce residents to the community-led response to pressures brought on by climate change, economic contraction and peak oil. Swennerfelt says Transition living relies on practices common in the U-S fifty to a hundred years ago.

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Swennerfelt says there are three core principles.

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    Swennerfelt says joy is a key ingredient in the Transition movement.

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   She says the movement embraces a bygone era when you could enter your neighbor's house while they were away and borrow something and just leave a note. Bloomington-Normal's Transition community is known as Vision 2020 and they are sponsoring Swennerfelt's Monday night appearance at the Normal Library.

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