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Bloomington Council Authorizes Bike Plan Development

Mon, 14 Oct 2013 22:30:04 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Bloomington Council Authorizes Bike Plan Development The Bloomington City Council has put the training wheels on a bicycle master plan. Aldermen approved short stretches of bike lane and sharrows to create bicycle connections between Illinois Wesleyan University, the downtown, and the Constitution Trail. Public Works Director Jim Karch says residents have told the city they want more than the Constitution Trail.

Alderman Rob Fazzini supports the small sections of proposed bike lanes that do not take away any on street parking. But Fazzini notes bicycles, like motorcycles, have safety issues on roads.

Public Works Director Jim Karch notes that simply having more bicycles on the roads will improve safety.

He says the city does not want to mix cars and cyclists on the heaviest traffic routes. Alderman Judy Stearns says she likes two small stretches of bike lanes and sharrows to link the Illinois Wesleyan Campus, downtown, and the Constitution Trail because it will create more recreational traffic.

The Council also approved having the League of Illinois Bicyclists create a draft master bike plan for Bloomington. Karch says the advocacy group Friends of the Constitution Trail will pay five thousand dollars of the 12,000 total cost of the study. Other aldermen stressed the importance of having adequate public input in the plan. One public session is so far contemplated.

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